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All orders purchased from this website are shipped free of charge (orders over $500.00) within the 48 contiguous states by a carrier chosen by Epoxy Plus LLC. Epoxy Plus will notify the customer via email with a carrier tracking or Pro number. Orders are usually processed and shipped within 1-3 business days but could be longer. Epoxy Plus LLC ships all products by regular ground delivery service which generally takes 3-7 business days. Items temporarily backordered are shipped immediately upon arrival in our warehouse. See Terms and Conditions for full shipping and return policies.

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A premium quality 2-component water base epoxy concrete sealer/primer that provides epoxy toughness, chemical resistance and durability with the convenience of a water base VOC free system. Available in clear and pigmented formulas. Use clear for sealing concrete to bring out the natural look. Use a pigmented kit to seal your concrete with a solid color. Also used a primer when using a 100% solids epoxy system. If installing a Designer Metallic epoxy flooring system, we recommend a pigmented formula to enhance the final look of the floor. For more information see our instructional videos or contact Epoxy Plus.

Benefits of Water Based Epoxy Coating

Water based epoxy paint is one of the most popular types of epoxy paints for both commercial as well as home flooring use. Some benefits of a quality water based epoxy paints include the following:

Easy To Apply

Water based epoxy paints are extremely easy to apply. Professionals can easily work in large teams to finish the process within a few hours. Choosing the right epoxy flooring service provider plays a major role in the overall fit and finish of the flooring. The easy application process makes it very easy to apply it to large areas in a uniform manner. Since epoxy paint is fluid, it usually does not require any extra effort to create a smooth surface. The paint creates seamless floors for you.


The epoxy paints are generally very durable. They are both impact and scratch-resistant. Instead of breaking on impact, they usually deform at the microscopic level. This kind of deformation allows them to maintain their overall integrity. Other products applied to concrete or marble will easily shatter the surface and produce a crack. For a major impact, the crack may travel to long distances and spread across the floor.

Cost-Effective Flooring

The epoxy paints are extremely affordable and provide the necessary premium finish at less expensive prices. The cost-effective nature of the flooring helps the hotel and restaurant owners give their place a first-class finish without overspending on the flooring.

Fast Cure Time

Epoxy paints have a fast time. They usually dry within 2-4 hours. This small curation period helps you return the floor to service quickly.

Wide Range of Design Options

These paints offer a wide range of design options as well. They are available in many standard solid colors. We can help you select the color that is best for you. These functional floors not only look good but maintain a clean and aesthetic appeal even in dusty environments.