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  • WATER BASED EPOXY- 5 GAL KIT (Coverage: 1600-2000sf/kit)

WATER BASED EPOXY- 5 GAL KIT (Coverage: 1600-2000sf/kit)

$379.95 (Includes Shipping*)

Product Code: EP-E300 5

Availability:: 2-3 Days

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A premium quality 2-component water base epoxy concrete sealer/primer that provides epoxy toughness, chemical resistance and durability with the convenience of a water base VOC free system. Available in clear and pigmented formulas. Use clear for sealing concrete to bring out the natural look. Use a pigmented kit to seal your concrete with a solid color. Also used a primer when using a 100% solids epoxy system. If installing a Designer Metallic epoxy flooring system, we recommend a pigmented formula to enhance the final look of the floor. For more information see our instructional videos or contact Epoxy Plus.


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