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  • Diamond Grinding Tools-Set Of 6

Diamond Grinding Tools-Set Of 6

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These 16 grit concrete metal bond diamond grinding pucks are made with the highest quality diamonds that last longer than other concrete metal grinding pucks in the market. These 10mm segmented metal bond tools grind very aggressively and are ideal for preparing a concrete surface for an epoxy coating. These tools will last for 1000's of square feet of grinding.  Our pucks have been rated the best in the industry. The Epoxy Plus Diamond Pucks are Velcro backed and designed to be used  with our Velcro Diamond Grinding Tool Holder which attaches to a standard floor buffer. Floor buffers can be rented inexpensively at your local tool rental center. Sold as a set of 6. For best results all 6 diamond pucks to be used at the same time on the diamond tool holder. Use wet or dry.

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