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  • Diamond Grinding Tool Holder

Diamond Grinding Tool Holder

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Our Diamond Drivers are used to hold diamond grinding tools, disks, pucks, and polishing pads. Used on a rotary buffing machine to grind and prepare concrete surfaces for the installation of coatings.    Our diamond pads (sold separate) are  three inches in diameter, and a typical application uses 6 pads mounted per block. They stick to the driver via APPLIX/Velcro style hook and loop material.

Our full face diamond drivers are made with a firm foam cushion between the block and the APPLIX/velcro face. The cushion reduces tearing due to uneven flooring, or new installations with lippage.

We can make these in any diameter, from 11" through 21" diameter Blocks. Please call with any special requests or needs. These can also be made to fit most walk behind automatic scrubber machines.

NOTE: For best life span, diamond pads should always be peeled off starting from the inside of the driver. Peeling from the outside edge usually peels the glue off, ruining your driver.

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