Flooring in Virginia

One of the main reasons why epoxy flooring is gaining so much popularity in Virginia is that it is easy to apply. In fact, most epoxy flooring projects are DIY-natured. As long as you are decent with your handyman work skills, you do not need professional help to handle this type of epoxy flooring work. Every great DIY epoxy flooring project installation starts with a good water-based epoxy primer product. If you are looking for easy-to-use and safe epoxy flooring products in Virginia, Epoxy Plus has got you covered.

Here are the steps involved in a complete and successful epoxy flooring project in Virginia.

Choosing the Right Tools

You need to have the right kind of tools to use the epoxy-based products in Virginia safely. Some of the tools that you must have include multiple pairs of rubberized safety gloves, protective eyewear, along with everything contained in the Epoxy Plus Tool kits available on our website.

Cleaning the Floor

Once you have the necessary tools you need to clean the floor where you want to perform the flooring operations. Make sure that the floor of your building in Virginia is completely free of dust and dirt and has been ground to the proper profile. An level floor surface will produce the best results and require the minimum amount of epoxy-based products.

Mixing the Epoxy Flooring Components

Now, you must mix the epoxy flooring products. We have taken out the guesswork for you and provide you with the correct mix ratios in each box. Do not mix all the ingredients at once since the epoxy may harden before you get the chance to apply it. Instead, mix smaller quantities of the ingredients at a time. See our videos for more details.

Applying the Product on the Floor

Now, start applying the product on the floor. If you have a large floor area to cover, you might want to call a friend to help you out.

Curating the Mix

After the application process, the floor will require some time to harden. Do not touch the floor before you are sure that the curation is complete.

Contact Epoxy Plus who is the best product supplier in Virginia to calculate the exact amount of product that you will require for the whole flooring process. Buy high-quality epoxy products from Epoxy Plus today to enjoy a hassle-free DIY flooring process.