Epoxy Flooring NJ

Over the past couple of years, professional interior designers have worked closely with architects to come up with different types solid surface floors. Epoxy flooring is the solution. Today, you can easily find hundreds of different types of epoxy flooring color combinations in New Jersey. A good interior designer can help you look for the best choice in an installer who can use high-quality epoxy products from Epoxy Plus to create mesmerizing epoxy flooring designs.

Here are some of the most common reasons for installing epoxy flooring in New Jersey today.

Self-Leveling Epoxy Coating

Our 100% solids epoxy coatings are self-leveling. Because of that, small imperfections and holes are filled during the installation process. Installation requires minimum effort for for a level floor. The self-leveling epoxy flooring process is easy.

Textured Epoxy Coating

Adding anti-slip aggregates during the epoxy coating process creates a course textured surface. It is ideal for use in the garages of homeowners in New Jersey. The coarse aggregates give you the confidence of walking on this epoxy floor without facing the risk of slippage.

Antistatic Epoxy Coating

The antistatic epoxy coating process is ideal for cold and dry cities of New Jersey. It makes sure that the articles on the floor do not acquire any kind of static charge due to constant wear and tear.

Multiple Color options

New Jersey epoxy floors do not have to be boring. With 24 available metallic colors, there are hundreds of possible color combinations.

Flaked Epoxy Coating

The flaked epoxy coating process gives the floor a professional and rugged feel. It is great for commercial flooring projects and garage floors in New Jersey.

Solid Epoxy Coating

The solid epoxy coating process produces a one-color floor. The final appearance is a neat and clean look.

If you want to create a neat and seamless look for the floor in your building, choose high-quality products from Epoxy Plus in New Jersey today!