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  • Designer Epoxy- 96oz Kit (Coverage:40-45sf)

Designer Epoxy- 96oz Kit (Coverage:40-45sf)

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Product Code: EP-E100-SS

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Epoxy Plus Designer Epoxy (EP-E100) is a two component, high performance modified cycloaliphatic epoxy concrete floor coating system. Its epoxy chemistry provides excellent bonding characteristics. Its design features provide for the highest industrial and commercial demands. It can be applied as a 12 to 50 mil coating system. Paint Chips or Color Quartz can be broadcast into it to create a custom look. The uniqueness and universality of Epoxy Plus Epoxy’s chemistry facilitates the applications where USDA Food & Beverage and other regulatory requirements must be obtained. i.e. food manufacturing and preparation, pharmaceutical manufacturing and dispensaries, clean rooms, commercial kitchens, laboratories and more. Other areas of use include: garage floors, rest rooms, manufacturing facilities, automotive showrooms and schools, residential, commercial and retail spaces.

It is the perfect choice for creating designer metallic epoxy floors. A key feature of this epoxy is its extended working time. With up to 45 minutes of working time, it allows both the experienced contractor and the first time do-it-yourselfer enough time to create stunning one of a kind floors without having to worry about the clock. It offers extended working time even in hot and humid environments. Epoxy Plus Designer Epoxy  was specifically designed and formulated for use use with our signature Designer Metallic epoxy flooring system. Our 100% solids Designer Epoxy is the key to your success.  

Packaging: A 3 gallon kit comes packaged in a 5 gallon bucket. There is 2 gallons of part A and 1 gallon of Part B inside the pail.


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